PHP version 5.6.30
IPS version 1.10.2
Server time: 23-09-2017 23:36:57z
Last IPS update: 23-09-2017 23:33:08z (3:49 min ago)

Airports database installed: 9012 airports
Automatic detection method in use; callsign(s): TRA, KLM
250 pilots
35695 flight reports
1 flights remembered

Path to IPS script: /home/B1123/domains/

A flight with status on blocks will be terminated (and the flightplan will be sent) after 5 minutes. A flight disconnected will be continued logging before and terminated after 30 minutes. After 60 minutes a non-moving flight is terminated (regarded as sandbagging; logging hours while doing nothing). If the flight has been terminated while the aircraft is still online, the flightplan will be remembered to prevent the IPS from starting to log the flight again, such a flightplan will be remembered for 3 hours. A flight report will not be sent if the distance covered is less than 10 miles or the total flight time is less than 5 minutes. Not arrived, arrived and diverted flights will all be logged. All numeric values in this paragraph can be changed in the Settings.php file.

IVAO network data (IVAO logging active):
Last network status refresh: 20-05-2017 02:05:59z (3045:30 hrs ago)
Last network data refresh: 23-09-2017 23:33:04z (3:53 min ago)
Update interval: 2 minutes
Data type: IVAO
460 IVAO flights

VATSIM network data (VATSIM logging active):
Last network status refresh: 23-09-2017 21:23:06z (2:13 hrs ago)
Last network data refresh: 23-09-2017 23:33:08z (3:49 min ago)
Update interval: 2 minutes
Data type: VATSIM
435 VATSIM flights

Current flights:
PilotDepDesCallsignFiled AltA/CHDGGSAltStatusNetworkETAStart timeDistance flown

Last 10 reports:
PilotDepDesCallsignFiled AltA/CNetworkDurationDistanceStart TimeStop TimeStatus
Pilot 149WMKKYSSYKLM87835000B744IVAO7:293723 NM23-09-2017 14:33:09z (9:03 hrs ago)23-09-2017 22:50:11z (46:46 min ago)N
Pilot 160EHAMLDDUTRA500539000B737IVAO2:21815 NM23-09-2017 19:52:09z (3:44 hrs ago)23-09-2017 22:50:11z (46:46 min ago)N
Pilot 29EHGGEHAMTRA7066000B738IVAO0:4078 NM23-09-2017 21:05:09z (2:31 hrs ago)23-09-2017 22:02:11z (1:34 hrs ago)N
Pilot 88WSSSEGLLBAW1636000B773VATSIM2:581086 NM23-09-2017 04:42:06z (18:54 hrs ago)23-09-2017 08:01:07z (15:35 hrs ago)N
Pilot 88WSSSEGLLBAW1636000B773VATSIM0:4797 NM22-09-2017 17:51:12z (29:45 hrs ago)22-09-2017 18:57:14z (28:39 hrs ago)N
Pilot 14LOWIEHAMTRA64R38000B738IVAO1:58435 NM22-09-2017 15:08:09z (32:28 hrs ago)22-09-2017 17:29:11z (30:07 hrs ago)N
Pilot 130EHAMLGSMTRA116135000B738IVAO1:24564 NM21-09-2017 10:26:06z (61:10 hrs ago)21-09-2017 12:54:06z (58:42 hrs ago)N
Pilot 72LFPOEHAMTRA519424000B738IVAO1:03256 NM20-09-2017 19:53:08z (75:43 hrs ago)20-09-2017 21:16:06z (74:20 hrs ago)A
Pilot 72EHAMLFPOTRA519323000B738IVAO1:27243 NM20-09-2017 17:53:08z (77:43 hrs ago)20-09-2017 19:26:09z (76:10 hrs ago)A
Pilot 130EHAMLDDUTRA500537000B738IVAO0:43434 NM20-09-2017 13:20:10z (82:16 hrs ago)20-09-2017 14:51:09z (80:45 hrs ago)N

Remembered flights:
Pilot 160EHAMLDDUTRA500523-09-2017 22:50:11z (46:46 min ago)